Waivers??!! Why??

There are many reasons that every company will tell you is the reason they have guests sign a waiver prior to participating. The simple truth, is that we want every person who is planning to participate to be very clear on what is required from them as well as having a clear understanding of the potential risk involved. When it comes to kids our main goal is to confirm that each child’s’ parent is completely aware of the activity their child is about to participate in. While it would be much more convenient for us to allow just anyone to race, the safety of our guests is more important than the money we would make. 

Please choose the correct waiver below based on the requirements or you may fill them out in person when you arrive at Track 21 Indoor Karting. We thank you all for your understanding! 

Adult Waivers

Driver MUST be 18 years of age or older and have valid government id to prove this (passport, driver’s license, state id card, etc) Work ID’s club membership cards and other id’s issued by other businesses are not valid. Be prepared to show id when you sign up in the facility. Also driver must meet all the requirements listed in the waiver. The waiver is only good for one day, unless you become a member. Minimum height for an adult is 62 inches tall (5ft 2″)

Click Here to Open Online Adult Waiver Form

Youth Waivers

A youth is defined as someone who is under 18 years of age. While certain drivers who are considered Youths may be allowed to operate the faster karts on the faster track, they still must fill out the Youth Waiver. Youth waiver can only be filled out by the following individuals:

  • Parent (mom or dad)
  • Legal Guardian (This option will REQUIRE you to provide us with a copy of the court paperwork that grants you guardianship over the minor. Signed notes from parents, school notes, etc will not be accepted)
  • Adoptive Parents

Here are a few examples who are not able to sign the Youth Waiver:

  • Siblings
  • Grandparents
  • Aunts or Uncles
  • Friend of the family
  • Stepparents (not adoptive parent)

Please understand that this is not open to our interpretation, just what is explained to us as to who is allowed to waive liability for the minor in question. We are unable to change these policies.

Driver’s who are 16 or 17 WITH a valid government issued id to prove their age and meet all other requirements (see height) may race on the Formula One race track in the F1 karts. They still need the waiver filled out by their parent.


Click Here to Open Online YOUTH Waiver Form